Above are the post offices of West Edmeston, Leonardsville, Unadilla Forks, West Winfield and Bridgewater. Unfortunately, Unadilla Forks lost its post office some time ago and the building no longer stands.

The character of present day communities has a lot to do with how well the public and commercial/industrial buildings of their past have survived. If an adaptive reuse can be found they often survive. Sometimes the use isn't "pretty" and one hopes the original character of the building isn't lost in the process but this is the only way these structures remain cared for enough to continue to stand.

The Board of Directors of the Upper Unadilla Valley Association consists of three people from in or near each of these communities. Current Directors:

West Edmeston: Despite efforts there are no longer directors from West Edmeston
Leonardsville: Ruth Starkweather, 1972; Patric Shields, 1994; Wendy Barrett, 1997; Renate Nollen, 2003.
Unadilla Forks: Dale Gates, 1985; Larraine McNulty, 1987; Sue Kappler, 1997, JoAnn D'Angese 2011.
Bridgewater: Becky Sullivan 2006, Richard Pugh 2011.
West Winfield: Kathy Kwasniewski, 1997; Carl Wheat, 1999; Pablo Davis, 2005.
Chepatchet: Susan Huxtable, 2006.

President: Larraine McNulty
Vice President: Wendy Barrett
Secretary: Renate Nollen
Treasurer: Carl Wheat