Unadilla Forks is a beautiful hamlet nestled at the foot of Mount Markham and the banks of the Unadilla River. Among the founders were Joshua Babcock, who emigrated from Connecticut in 1802, and Caleb Brown, who erected a grist mill in 1805. They soon were joined by Azariah Armstron, Squire Elijah Gates, William Utter, Cryus Brown and Stephen Chapman. In 1878, there were three general stores, a furniture factory, a grist mill, saw mill, carding factory (prepared raw materials for spinning), hardware store, wagon shop, blacksmith shop, shoe shop, harness shop, cooperage, two milliners, one doctor and one hotel. Little remains intact of those businesses, but in this case the absence of the industrial buildings along the river creates wonderful views for the great number of Federal homes that have survived.

Unadilla Forks Academy

Unadilla Forks Store

The Unadilla Forks Academy is one of very few area high schools from the 1800s that have survived. Used by the Rebekkas Lodge for years is is now owned by the Town of Plainfield. The Unadilla Forks store was viable as a business well into the 1980s and is now apartments.

Van Wieren Construction Company

Town of Plainfield Town Hall

The Van Wieren Construction company has adapted an old barn as the core of their manufacturing business. The Town of Plainfield town hall and garage were designed the early part of the 1900s by Mr. Gilson, an architect who lived in Unadilla Forks at the time.

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