Geological Sites

The Unadilla Valley is of glacial origin, created by the gouging and scouring effect of a southward-moving ice sheet several thousand feet thick. Later, the valley was filled by debris left behind as the ice melted and by runoff from ice remaining to the north. The river is described as "underfit"---that is, flowing in a valley too big for the river. Early settlers were attracted to the valley by the water power possibilities of the river and the easily tilled fields of the valley floor. Earlier, Native Americans camped along the river, where they benefited from the fish and game resources of the valley. Their stone tools are found on level fields near the river. The word Unadilla is an Oneida Native American word meaning "meeting place." It is conceivable that the height of Mt. Markham, and the distinctive outline, made this an easily found meeting place for their hunting parties. At 1,630 feet, Mt. Markham is not the highest elevation in the area, but the almost sheer drop of its west face has earned it the distinction of being called a mountain.

The glacier created the Bridgewater flats, acres and acres of prime farmland.

The distinctive ridge can even be seen from the back of Mt. Markham.

Historic Sites

On the Carr farm, 2 and1/2 miles south of West Edmeston on the River Road, the Adam Helmer story is briefly given on a monument just below the corner. The Mohawk Valley and frontier settlements had been raided many times by the Iroquois, led by the Johnsons and the Butlers in 1776 and 1777. The advantage which prior notice of an impending raid would give led Adam Helmer and three friends to stand watch at this place in September 1778. They were surprised by a band of Native Americans, and Helmer's friends were killed. He escaped but was closely pursued as he ran 34 miles to warn the settlers at Andrustown, Columbia and Fort Herkimer.

The Helmer Monument.

Beautiful Sites

The changing seasons create new vistas, new sights every few months. Actually the adage attributed to Mark Twain that if you don't like the weather in New York State, wait 10 minutes, means a new scene every few hours.


Come and Relax


Mt. Markham, Summer

Mt. Markham, Fall

Pond from Hill

Winter Evening

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset

Winter from the Road

Winter Barn